Benefits for You!

Anu™ Clean Cup can safely be worn for up to twelve hours.

Anu™ Clean Cup has such a comfortable fit, you can’t even feel it. It goes unnoticed during use.

Anu™ Clean Cup eliminates menstrual odor, since menstrual flow isn’t exposed to air.

A Better Menstrual Cup, Period!
Anu Clean Cup On Kickstarter

DelivHer! is super excited to present its revolution in feminine sanitary care: Anu Clean Cup, the first and only absorbent menstrual cup that both collects and absorbs, allowing you to experience leak free, worry-free periods and carry on like you’re not on. We’re launching a project on crowd funding website Kickstarter to raise funding for Anu Clean Cup and to create awareness that there is a more reliable and comfortable option in period protection.